Selling your stamps?

The two usual scenarios are:
  1. You have decided, after all the years of collecting, that you need to dispose of your collection. The reasons are many – your health is failing; your spouse wants the wardrobe back; you are moving into a smaller house or retirement village; or you simply have decided to stop.
  2. You have inherited a collection, but simply have no interest in it; you don’t have the room to store 40 albums; or you are moving overseas and don’t want to take them with you.

Now what?

Stamps / PostcardsThe main options are:
  • Selling Outright to a Dealer. For most people, this is the best, and the most convenient option, as the transaction should be neat and tidy, with immediate payment, and you know exactly where you are. And there’s always the chance that an experienced dealer will spot a hidden gem, for the benefit of both parties.
  • Sale By Auction. This is often a good option for extremely valuable or highly specialised collections, or for key rarities where a value is difficult to establish. It can take several months however, and part of it might not sell.
  • Disposal Yourself Through Online Auctions. An option for lower value material, or where you have experience in this, and have a lot of time. Once you start, you will have to go through to the end, as no-one will want the remnants.

With over 50 years of experience and expertise in the industry, I am happy to give you advice on the material you have, and the best way to dispose of it if you wish to do so.

If I am interested in purchasing the collection, I will carefully work out a fair market price. If my offer is acceptable, I will pay you immediately, preferably online into your bank account, or by any other acceptable method that suits you. I don’t wish to waste your time or mine with an offer that I feel won’t stand comparison.

If you decide to bring in a collection for assessment, please phone or email me to arrange an appointment for a day and time that is suitable for both of us. For small collections you can bring them in on a Wednesday, but suggest contacting first to ensure I am available. You don’t need to tidy or “sort” things. Often this can reduce the value, and be a total waste of your time.


How long does it take?

Stamps / PostcardsMost collections can be done on the spot. Please do not be concerned if some albums are done quickly. With experience you get to know what to expect in many collections within a few pages, particularly with “beginner” albums.

For large collections, particularly where lengthy calculating is involved, you might have to leave with me for a period. Usually 48 hours maximum. But I will fit around your requirements and time frame as much as possible. All care is taken, and your collection is insured while on my secure and alarmed premises.

As I mention elsewhere, I am a Past President of the NZSDA, and a current member of the Executive, so my reputation speaks for itself.

I am happy to look at anything in stamps, covers, postcards, and old documents.

Competitive prices particularly offered for:

  • NZ Decimal Postage and Sheet Lots.
  • Better NZ Collections.
  • Selected NZ Key items
  • NZ Post Products, such as Year Albums, Year Packs, and set packs.
  • Mint NZ Decimal Collections.
  • Postcards – to around 1940 (Original Old Albums, collections, or single rarities).
  • NZ Revenue Stamps, Old Documents, etc.
  • Old Wages Books, and accumulations of Wage Tax Stamps.
  • Military or Forces Mail(From NZ Wars until Timor!).
  • Old envelopes and correspondence - pre 1950 (The more “boring” looking, the better).

With old envelopes or postcards, please do not try to “improve” them, by cutting/soaking the stamps off, nor writing on them. And note my comment - often the most uninteresting looking old envelopes have the most value. I’m happy to look at anything.

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Wednesdays only  10am - 5pm.

Other days and times may be available by appointment only, but please e-mail first via our contact form or phone 03 477 6128 to arrange a time. 

We are actively buying. If you are looking to sell a bulky collection, we recommend arranging a suitable day and time in advance to ensure I am available to view.  

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